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YPKM Papua Main Office in Jayapura

Know Papua YPKM

The Papua Public Health Development Foundation (Papua YPKM) stood since 14th November 1996. Independent institusion that provide health services at the grass roots level. Papua YPKM since 30th January 2003 obtained a certificate of establishments and number 64 in the years 2003 with registration number : 341/ORSOS/JPR/II/2003.

In implementing the program in the field, Papua YPKM has been working closely with the Goverment of Papua Province, and some local goverment district (among other; Department of Health, Social Service, Agency for Family Planning Coordination, AIDS Commission, Cenderawasih University).

Papua YPKM is a member of Cooperation Forum (FOKER) LSM Papua. During two periods has been the coordinator of the working group on Health and AIDS.


Created the healthy life style both physical and spiritual communities to be able to live productive and prosperous.



  1. Decrease number of the sicness and mortality from mother and child.
  2. Give the standart appropriateness of health service.
  3. Increase health reproduction service acces of man and woman.
  4. Provide communities to empowerment through training and education.
  5. Straightening the capacity of health field in group and organisation.


Work Program

  1. Health service to villages.
  2. Give information about drugs and reproduction health.
  3. Care, support, and treatment to people life with HIV and AIDS.
  4. Consultation, counseling and test of HIV and AIDS, and mobile VCT.
  5. Development the health service in Serui, Wamena, and Sentani region.
  6. The Health Reproduction and AIDS field.
  7. The Media, Training, and consultation field.
  8. The Christami Clinic and Shelter field.


Organisation Stucture

Trustees Board

L. Christine Ansanay, SE

Dra. Yemima Wayeni Handono

Ir. Jansen Monim, ST, MM.

Drs. Tahi G. Butarbutar, M.Kes



Dra. Yvonne de Quelyoe, M.Sc.

Romel Sendoh, SE

Dr. B. Sandjaya

Drs. Moses Dimalauw, Apt.

Dra. Santje Wonatorey

Drg. Aloysius Giay Township, M.Kes


Management Agency


Drs. Tahi G. Butarbutar, M.Kes. (Direktur Executive)

Joiz Sanci Erlely, S.Sos (Program Manajer)

Selfiana Sirami, SE (Financial Coordinator)

Rohsila Kristina Desi Merani, SKM (Health Reproduction and AIDS Coordinator)

Dr. Fitri Riandini, SpOG

Felly Leasiwal, S.Sos (Secretariat Coordinator)

Kalvaros Ayomi, S.Hut (Media, Training, and Consultation Coordinator)

Jacob Marey, SPAK (Serui Region Coordinator)

Hilda Ramandey (Sentani Region Coordinator)

Rumbo Todingan (Wamena Region Coordinator)